Friday, January 15, 2016

Keep Calm and Eat Crab @ 瑞安炖汤美食馆

So this was my taste of childhood. Our family used to do trips across the causeway every other week back in the days when we still had a separate blue restricted passport for trips to West Malaysia.

Anyone still remember that? 

And that's when our love affair with this unique crab bowl started. On the third level of the market at Larkin. We'd pack ourselves in the car by 8am and be off on our way towards the Woodlands Causeway. Breakfast was a standard affair once we got to Larkin Market. No one tries to change their orders. It was a standard three stall order. A nondescript shop in the middle of the hawker centre selling pork trotters, braised intestines and of course the crab bowl, the store opposite selling hot drinks and perfectly executed half boiled eggs and the quiet congee stall next to it selling familiar comforts of pork and chicken congee. Oh and of course, grandpa always does a takeaway of the fried noodles in open trays wrapped in plastic sheets laid on top of newspapers. Life was simple. 

While we've skipped Larkin altogether these days except for the odd days where grandma is good enough for walks and would like to buy fresh foods from the market, I'm glad we no longer have to drive that far for our favourite crab bowls.

What's changed? The location, for sure. It's now situated just behind Leisure Mall Pelangi and you will pass by Moonlight cafe on your way down. Don't get distracted! The once nondescript stall at the run down Larkin Market now has their own air conditioned space along a row of shop houses at Jalan Kuning. And their menu has also expanded. So we now head over for a lunch fix instead. 

Make your request for lean meat if you aren't a fan of the fat or collagen that comes with pork's trotters (RM 10). They'll try their best to accommodate your requests.

All those eyes! Baby shrimp omelette (RM 12). Every bit of fluff and crisp in this one plate of yums.

Sambal baby sweet potato leaves (RM12). The sambal gravy was evil! So bad it was so good till the last drop. 

And while this might not be the best plate of hor fun, I loved the taste of the ample wok hei (RM 6). 

And the crab bowl (RM 7.50)? That's still my taste of childhood and they are still using the same recipe with the same great taste after all these years. That's the one thing that hasn't changed and that's what keeps us coming back. 

Do give them a try the next time you're past the Causeway.  

Swee Ang Restaurant 瑞安炖汤美食馆
70, Jalan Kuning,
Taman Pelangi.
Tel : +607-3337828
Operating hour : 8am - 9pm daily

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