Monday, March 30, 2015

Pho better or pho worse

The day started out simple.

The search for the best pho at 46 Bat Dan according to a travel web post.

And to our dismay, it was already closed for the day.

So pho better or pho worse, we decided to settle for a chicken pho at the road junction that we had passed on our pho search.

We took our seats on these tiny plastic chairs that threatened to break under our hefty bottoms. Or so it felt like. And no, we don't actually have hefty butts.

The lower the chairs are to the ground, the better the food's gonna taste. Right?

Eating like the locals do, we made our order for two bowls of chicken pho and looked upon the dishes of cut chilli and parsley exposed to all the elements and impartial to all diners. Coming from the city, it's gotta be a tough call not worrying about stomach upsets.

But since we were here, ditch those thoughts and live and eat like the locals do. The food's gotta be good for people to squash themselves at junction of a busy road (as all roads are in Hanoi).

When this arrived? The reason was clear for the crowds.

Heaven in the form of a bowl of piping hot chicken pho :)

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