Monday, October 06, 2014

One Tonne of Wontons! :)

 Marketing started at 8am this morning. 

Two packets of baby bokchoi.
A handful of chestnuts, prawns and minced pork.

Blanch the baby bok choi in a pot of boiling water with a dash of oil and a sprinkling of salt.

To the minced pork, diced prawns and chestnuts,
A generous sprinkle of white pepper.
A dash of light soy sauce.
A heaped tablespoon of oyster sauce.
A generous drizzle of sesame oil and shaoxing wine.
Toss them up till well combined.

Rope in the family to join in for the wonton wrapping. :)

Prepare a pot of boiling water to boil up batches of wontons.

Till you get a whole tonne of them.
And while we're at it.
Chop up some onions (since we ran out of shallots)
and fry them over low heat for some shallot oil.

These weren't burnt.
They were actually sweet and pretty yums!
Don't underestimate the fragrance that the shallot (fried onion) oil imparts to the dish.
Add it to the soup or the noodles.
Or both!

Pick up some of those roasted meats from your friendly local roast meat seller at the wet market.
Which comes with a soy based gravy.
Toss the wonton noodles in a tablespoon of the soy sauce gravy.
Top with blanched baby bokchoi, roast meats and a generous serving of wontons! :)
Serve with a bowl of piping hot chicken broth.

That was one tonne of work for some wonton noodles.
Well worth the effort.
Well fed for the night! :)

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