Tuesday, October 08, 2013

sundays at prive. :)

the cafe was buzzingly busy on a Sunday afternoon and the indoor seating area was totally filled. I'd totally opt for an al fresco in this gorgeously picturesque marina. 

picture this. a brilliantly blue sky forms a back drop for numerous pristine white yatches of different shapes and sizes docked at the marina reflecting off the sunlight into the distance. 

pictured? perfect.

we were immediately shown to their available tables in the far end of the cafe. I liked being able to choose my tables. 

and my view of course.

nice big fans that don't blow off your wig (!) but keeps diners cool while taking in the great outdoors.
the silhouette of trees of the clear blue skies as you ponder over your meal choices. almost too surreal in the usual hustle and bustle of daily life.

Let's indulge a little shall we? Thick cut fries served with truffle mayonnaise. $10. 

There's something really attractive about truffle. Truffle in anything except in its original form. Trust me, I've had a whole truffle stuffed under my nose and what happened after was not a sight for sore eyes. This dip was delicious. The bits of truffle were visible and tasted like mushrooms. Nary enough to share. We had to ration it. There's no seconds. But there was mayonnaise and chilli sauce available. Settling for second best.

They serve all-day breakfast and the menu runs from 930am-5pm daily. 

And Eggs Royale. $16.
Traditional English Muffins with savoury Norwegian smoked salmon slices and two gently poached eggs. Drizzled with creamy hollandaise sauce with a side of rocket. Mmm. Eggs. It's a skill to cook these easy ingredients well. 
If you didn't already know, Prive runs their own bakery so these soft and fluffy English muffins are are made in house. And these muffins are what I would come all the way here for. 

Get me some chilli cheese lovin'!

10-inch pizza for $20. And it was just OVERLOADED with cheese. 


Spicy chorizo, salami, chilli, tomato paste and mozzarella cheese.

it was a blanket of cheese I kid you not. 

And you'd literally be stuffed with cheese if you murdered the entire pizza on your own.

Which I almost did and hereby testifying the actuality of the statement.

I loved it though. the spiciness of the chorizo and chilli broke the monotony of salty mozza toppings. the crust was like biscuit on the ends and chewy in the middle. 

The staff are also quietly attentive, topping up the glasses of water and clearing plates once we were done. It was a pleasure to dine here.

Ending Sunday with a quiet stroll along keppel marina. Every Sunday should be like this. smile

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