Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza Pre-launch Party Invitation

                         Growing up as a Pizza Hut fan and now blogging as a Pizza Hut fan.

And maybe this post might just make you a convert!

This was my second bloggers' exclusive pre-launch party preview. We were promptly ushered to our seats and presented with the menu for a drink order.
Customer service that touches your heart.
My brother was very thankful for a drink after our mad rush through the working crowd on a rainy night.

                A lychee green tea on my recommendations, was a refreshing treat for his senses.

Shortly after,
we were served the Hut's Platter.
Perfect for sharing.
Even if my brother was abstaining from deep fried items.
That's just the perfect excuse to polish off all the spicy chicken drumlets.

                                            I'm kidding. See? We're still happy siblings.

Because that just means more fries for me!
With barbecue cheese sauce.
Even he couldn't resist sneaking a couple of fries. :)

And what I love about the previews at Pizza Hut?
You get to see the behind the scenes -making- of their new creations.

Even the toppings have standard measurements.
So you'll be sure you won't be compromised on the quality and quantity of ingredients on your pizza.

What a burst of pretty colour! 
And in case you were wondering?
This is so labour intensive that they are selling only one standard size.
No large sized cheesy bites or the kitchen people would have a field day putting on dashes of colour on your bites.

And always the heart thumping action watching fellow bloggers battle it out with a challenge round.

But it was a friendly competition.
Who says girls always play rough?

Andrew must be a good teacher.
And now he has to suffer because his disciples have done well!

And boy, were they pleased with their creations. :)
And as a reward, they got to bring home the pizzas they made!

If you always thought Pizza Hut was just good for their pizzas,
you'd be much surprised by their Hut's Chicken Steak.
A generous piece of chicken breast skin on, for maximum satisfaction.
The mushroom gravy and tomato salsa was also a treat! 

And there's more!
With a Seafood Parchment Pasta.

A deliciously spicy tomato based pasta with generous servings of seafood.
Be warned that it is high on the spice-o-meter. 

Caught on camera.
For using the camera.

And look what we have here!
The star of the night.
Oh we could hardly wait to pull these apart!
Black and white sesame mix had a brilliantly fragrant taste when you bite onto those little seeds.
And I loved the chipotle stuffed with cream cheese.
I'd skip the nacho cheese dip on this. It was perfect on its own.
Last but not least,
the parmesan.
That went perfect with the nacho cheese sauce.

Boy were we stuffed by the time we were done!

Oh yum!

If you haven't already gotten your hands on an order of cheesy bites trio.
Check out the dine in promotions at this link:
I've already told you why they only do regular sized ones ;)

The dummy's how-to-enjoy-a-cheesy-bites-trio guide.

And if you wanted to get your hands dirty in the comfort of your home,
check out their delivery promotions right here!

Indulge in double the goodness packed in one scrumptious deal!

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