Wednesday, July 12, 2006

tokyo love

it's my fourth day and tokyo. and it's been brilliant fun so far! so much to see/do/eat/buy. yeah i have no idea how long my money is gonna last. but i dont care. i`m having fun. :) the past two days have been like 6h cross country walks. but then it's really just walking around ONE area. ahahha. at most it spans like 2 train stations. there are so many train lines here that its hard to estimate. so i'm talking in rough terms. every day is like a new adventure. :) ikebukuro shopping heaven (but i aint seen nothing yet), ueno`s hk style shops and lovely parks and today's lazy 3.5h day in hibarigaoka. it's just two small dept stores and a quaint walk down streets with all sorts of eating food stores and diff shops. i bought edamame peas from the farmer on the way home. these veggies are harvested fresh every day. sigh. i cant imagine not eating my nice lovely veggies and buying FRESH veggies. the veggie farm is just across the road. it's like totally plucking the veggies yourself :) train rides on the rapid/ semi express and express trains. yeah even taking trains theres so much to look out for. i pretend as if i know what i am doing, where i'm going but then i really dont. hahahah. i can get home safe tho. and that's pretty much the important part :) snacking on corn, beans, peas and tomatoes are the life. ahhh.

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