Saturday, June 10, 2006

This, i ate lots of. and hey, so did my brothers. thick. juicy pieces of sashimi. who could resist. okay for those who don't know better. and that's my parents. boring people who eat cooked food. hhahahh. genting highlands for a day was enough for me (sort of) save for the lousy movie timings. the brothers managed to catch x3 there. while the parents and i went to the casino. different ones we were at. i managed to lost 30 ringgit in 45 minutes and that's the end of my stint with the casino for the day. you could dine at certain restaurants with points that you earn from the casino. which of course since i play low, i get none. ahhaha. but daddy had some. and we had dinner buffet for free. at the coffee terrace. it's like buffet spread at The Line. for once, they had variety and taste. i was impressed. wok fried vegetables had 'wok hei' which a lot of other places lack. even seafood pasta wasn't overwhelmed by pasta but by sweet seafood instead. yum. and sashimi. that satisfied my long time cravings for a bit. yum. :) ok if you really wanna ask about my kl trip it's really all about food. more and more food. hahahha. i had the breakfast buffet every morning and it was yummy. more so the extra cheese omelette than anything else. hahaha. then there were the sides of baked beans and hashbrown. i wish i took photos. but then that's just embarrassing myself. :) you'll just have to believe my tummy. haha. i had a good trip. it was fun. mostly.

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